z/OS Technical Overview: WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus

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Published 19 September 2006

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IBM Form #: REDP-4196-00
(168 pages)

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Authors: Martin Keen, Niall Betteridge, Diego Cardalliaguet, Andreas Groeschl


System z and z/OS continue to provide the highest levels of availability, scalability, and reliability. System z also continues to host a wide variety of mission-critical data and application logic. So, where better to host advanced service-oriented architecture (SOA) features such as business processes and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) than z/OS?

This IBM Redpaper describes how WebSphere Process Server V6 for z/OS (used primarily to run business processes) and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V6 for z/OS (used to implement an ESB) benefit from the strengths of System z and z/OS.

The Redpaper begins by defining how SOA is emerging on the mainframe and provides detailed product descriptions of WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. It then describes installation and administration features, operational considerations such as security, and finally describes how these products can integrate with other mission-critical applications that are running in other subsystems on z/OS.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Welcome to this Redpaper
Chapter 2. Key technologies of SOA implementation on System z
Chapter 3. WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus on z/OS
Chapter 4. Operational considerations
Chapter 5. Qualities of service
Chapter 6. Integration with backend systems

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