z/OS UNIX Security Fundamentals

An IBM Redpaper publication


This IBM Redpaper introduces the z/OS UNIX security model and implementation to MVS knowledgeable and security-minded users. It does not address in detail all the wealth of specific security features available in z/OS UNIX, but rather the base principles of operation and the mechanisms implementation with setup recommendations.

We assume that the user already has a knowledge of the most commonly used IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) setups and commands. However, we do not provide detailed procedures and explanations about the use of these commands.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview of the UNIX operating system model
Chapter 2. Overview of z/OS UNIX implementation
Chapter 3. z/OS UNIX users and groups identity management
Chapter 4. z/OS UNIX task identity management
Chapter 5. The z/OS UNIX security model
Chapter 6. z/OS UNIX files security
Chapter 7. Overview of multilevel security
Chapter 8. Considerations on z/OS UNIX program management
Chapter 9. Auditing z/OS UNIX
Appendix A. BPX. RACF profiles
Appendix B. C/C++ functions and UNIX System Services callable services


Publish Date
05 February 2007

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