Service Orientation Test-Drive with Linux on xSeries

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Published 03 May 2006

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IBM Form #: REDP-4121-00
(72 pages)

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Authors: Stephen Hochstetler


Many enterprises, both large and small, are focused on increasing their business flexibility while simplifying their IT infrastructure in order to better meet their business objectives. The IBM On Demand Operating Environment defines a set of integration and infrastructure management capabilities that enterprises can use to achieve these challenging objectives.
The On Demand Operating Environment feature of particular relevance to this Redpaper is the use of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Using an SOA is necessary to achieve the goals of increased business flexibility and a simplified IT infrastructure. Many of these enterprises are determined to use proven architectures, designs, and product mappings in order to speed their implementation and minimize their risk.
This Redpaper describes how to use the DVD entitled “Service Orientation Test-Drive with Linux on xSeries” that accompanies the paper. This paper focuses on a simple infrastructure to exploit service orientation principles. The intent of this environment is to allow companies to evaluate the processes and questions that arise from SOA projects, and take into consideration aspects such as the impact on the underlying system infrastructure.
The information provided by this Redpaper and additional materials will help you get off to a fast start with SOA by providing an easy platform to install the basic software building blocks that can allow companies to experiment with service orientation principles.

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Solution introduction
Ch. 2 Web services and service-oriented architecture
Ch. 3 Installing the test-drive during Linux installation
App. A Configuration files

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