WebSphere Portal Best Practices

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This IBM Redpaper is designed to provide a road map of information about how to best plan and ensure a successful deployment of IBM WebSphere Portal into an organization.

In this Redpaper, we provide you with an understanding of the WebSphere Portal technology and discuss common goals for customer portal projects. In addition, we discuss initial planning considerations and how to plan your architecture for deployment.

Best practices for a successful portal deployment requires a systematic process. Therefore, we address the initial questions that are asked to get you started and keep you on the right path.

You will find that this best practices guide also serves as your systems assurance lead, ensuring that IBM products are planned, shipped, installed, and tested in such a way that clients derive maximum satisfaction with minimal disruption.

This document is designed for the following audience: IBM employees, IBM Business Partners, and clients.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What is a portal?
Chapter 2. Planning a portal
Chapter 3. Developing a portal
Chapter 4. Deploying, testing, and maintaining a portal
Appendix A. Sample workshop agenda
Appendix B. Sample portal tracking worksheet
Appendix C. Portlet sourcing
Appendix D. Solution assurance checklist


Publish Date
27 March 2006

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