Lotus Domino Domain Monitoring

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The purpose of this IBM Redpaper is to show system administrators and IT architects how to use and leverage the capabilities of the new Lotus Domino domain monitoring feature of IBM Lotus Domino Version 7. The Lotus Domino domain monitoring feature provides customizable monitoring capabilities and fast recognition and reporting of critical server issues by delivering a single, feature-oriented view through which administrators can see the status of multiple servers across a domain.

By reading this Redpaper, you will gain intimate knowledge of Domino domain monitoring and see examples of its true power, such as autonomic corrective actions and more.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Lotus Domino domain monitoring Event generator
Chapter 2. Domino domain monitoring: components and "out of the box" configuration
Chapter 3. A Domino domain monitoring Scenario
Chapter 4. More Domino domain monitoring scenarios and tips
Appendix A. Domino domain monitoring probes


Publish Date
05 December 2005

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