IBM Solutions Builder Express Portfolio Solutions for Content Management: Collaborative Document Management

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Published 11 August 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-4030-00
(10 pages)

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Authors: Julian Gonzalez, Maren Nelson


This solution starting point Illustrates a collaborative document management solution that can be applied to a variety of business processes. It illustrates how a business can effectively and securely manage their documents electronically in a central place and automate business processes that involve these documents. Business employees can make secure updates to documents while automatically preserving previous versions. They can also automate approval cycles and document routing and activity assignment, allowing the business to enforce deadlines and easily see document status.

Table of contents

Executive summary
Value proposition
Target market
Core components of the starting point
Collaborative document management starting point overview
Estimated solution cost
Business drivers
Starting point highlights
Customer value propositions
Prospecting questions to identify customer opportunities
Solution architecture
Related starting points

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