Integrating IBM Lotus Workplace with IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Webconferencing (Sametime)

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Published 30 June 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-3992-00
(56 pages)

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Authors: Tworek William, Gereci Mario,


This IBM Redpaper covers the technology and techniques for integrating instant messaging and awareness between a IBM Lotus Workplace environment and an IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (Sametime) environment. Such integration efforts are needed because each of these environments uses a different infrastructure to support its presence and instant messaging functionality. For example, the Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing server uses an infrastructure based on the proprietary IBM Lotus Virtual Places (VP) protocol while a Lotus Workplace server uses an infrastructure based on the open standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

To support the seamless integration of these two environments and technologies, IBM has developed and released the Lotus Instant Messaging (LIM) Gateway. This software-based gateway is basically an intermediary, or translator, between the two separate IBM instant messaging environments. This Redpaper provides an understanding of this gateway technology, including a review of usage scenarios, installation guidelines, and troubleshooting techniques.

Table of contents

Introduction to the LIM Gateway
LIM Gateway deployment considerations
LIM Gateway installation guidelines
LIM Gateway troubleshooting guidelines

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