WebSphere for z/OS to CICS and IMS Connectivity Performance

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Published 10 January 2006, updated 02 May 2006

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IBM Form #: REDP-3959-00
(130 pages)

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Authors: Tamas Vilaghy, Rich Conway, Kim Patterson, Rajesh P Ramachandran, Robert W. St. John, Brent Watson, Frances Williams


The objective of this IBM Redpaper is to help you understand the performance implications of the different connectivity options from WebSphere Application Server for IBM z/OS to CICS or IMS.

This paper is intended to be a companion to WebSphere for z/OS to CICS/IMS Connectivity Architectural Choices, SG24-6365, which describes architectural choices, and the different attributes of a connection, such as availability, security, transactional capability, and performance. However, that IBM Redbooks publication does not have much information about performance.

To provide those details, we ran tests with CICS Transaction Gateway, SOAP for CICS, and CICS MQ DPL Bridge. We also ran tests with IMS Connect and with IMS MQ DPL Bridge. We selected 500-byte, 5 KB, and 20 KB communication area (COMMAREA) sizes with very complex records to simulate complex customer scenarios.

We share these results with you in a series of tables and charts that can help you evaluate your real-life application and decide which architectural solution might be best for you

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The measurement environment
Chapter 3. The Trader applications
Chapter 4. Measurements and results

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