Deploying the IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution for Cisco Systems

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Wireless local area networks (LAN) connectivity within a small or medium enterprise intranet is becoming affordable and, in many cases, a necessity for businesses of any size. Additionally, access to enterprise intranet applications from home, hotel, and wireless “hot spots” is a requirement for mobile employees.

However, small and medium businesses (SMBs) span companies of all sizes and industries. Therefore, finding a wireless LAN with a mobile connectivity support solution that fits all the requirements is practically impossible.

This Redpaper discusses planning and architecture considerations for SMBs looking at installing wireless LANs within their enterprise and mobile connectivity from the Internet. In addition, this Redpaper includes a detailed, step-by-step scenario of installing a wireless LAN and support for mobile connectivity in a very basic environment.

The intention is that these simple steps can be expanded on and modified as required to meet the installation requirements for whatever solution is arrived at for a specific customer environment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Target client market
Chapter 3. Details of architecture
Chapter 4. Implementation scenarios
Chapter 5. Components, product details, and supporting material


Publish Date
14 February 2005

Last Update
20 October 2005

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