JES2 Performance and Availability Considerations

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Published 21 March 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-3940-00
(22 pages)

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Authors: Paola Bari, Iain Neville


This IBM Redpaper provides insights into JES2 performance and includes tips on how to monitor and tune your environment. It discusses the key components of the JES2 infrastructure in the context of performance goals. The content provides guidelines but does not offer clear cut recommendations. It is assumed that readers of this paper have the technical understanding and knowledge to manage an existing JES2 environment.
This paper discusses JES2 processor utilization, checkpoint and spool considerations, workload manager (WLM) managed initiators, scalability, command processing, and identifying issues with performance degradation. It also discusses performance tools that are available for analyzing performance-related data.

Table of contents

JES2 Performance and Availability Considerations
JES2 processor utilization
JES2 checkpoint considerations
JES2 Spool considerations
WLM managed initiators
JES2 command processing
Identifying issues with JES2 performance degradation
Performance tools
The person who wrote this Redpaper

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