IBM Lotus Domino Application Portlet: Configuration and Tips

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Published 13 December 2004

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IBM Form #: REDP-3917-00

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Authors: John Bergland, Thomas Delahunty, Kornelius Elstner, James Ryan, Katherine Sewell


WebSphere Portal is a complete portal solution. It provides customers with integrated content and applications in addition to a unified, collaborative workplace.

Domino is a comprehensive application platform. Customers have invested heavily to exploit the power of Domino in developing proprietary applications. As a result they are understandably reluctant to start again and move towards the benefits of a portal environment. The main question asked by such customers is how do we move our Domino Applications into a portal.

Domino Application Portlet (DAP) provides the solution. It facilitates the easy integration of Domino Web Applications into a portal server. This IBM Redpaper describes the Domino Application Portlet (DAP) in detail and gives practical examples for configuring and customizing this portlet.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Authentication
Chapter 3. Caching
Chapter 4. Rules
Chapter 5. Samples
Chapter 6. Updates to Domino Application Portlet 1.1
Appendix A. Known issues
Appendix B. Additional material

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