IBM eServer iSeries Editions Buying and Selling Guide

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 14 September 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-3916-01
(104 pages)

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Authors: Terry Van Benschoten, Karen C. Brooks, David Bruce, Jelan Heidelberg, Mike Prochaska, Leif Rush


This IBM Redpaper describes the IBM eServer iSeries Editions that are currently available. Specifically it explains the following Editions:

  • iSeries Value Edition
  • iSeries Express Edition
  • iSeries Standard Edition
  • iSeries Enterprise Edition
  • iSeries Solution Edition
  • iSeries Domino/Workplace Edition
  • iSeries High Availability Edition
  • iSeries Capacity BackUp Edition

Plus this redpaper explains the IBM services, education, and the registration process for the Editions. This marketing reference serves as a buying and selling guide for IBM sales representatives, Business Partners, and Clients.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. iSeries Editions
Chapter 2. iSeries Value Edition
Chapter 3. iSeries Express Edition
Chapter 4. iSeries Standard Edition
Chapter 5. iSeries Enterprise Edition
Chapter 6. iSeries Solution Edition
Chapter 7. iSeries Domino/Workplace Edition
Chapter 8. iSeries High Availability Edition
Chapter 9. iSeries Capacity BackUp Edition
Chapter 10. Product descriptions, benefits, and licensing
Chapter 11. IBM Education vouchers
Chapter 12. IBM Service vouchers
Chapter 13. iSeries Editions registration

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