zSeries Qualified WDM Vendor: Cisco Systems

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Published 05 April 2005, updated 06 April 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-3905-00
(20 pages)

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Authors: Bill White, Rav Meerwald, Jeff Nesbitt


This IBM Redpaper is one in a series describing zSeries qualified optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) vendor products for Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) solutions.

International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation and Cisco Systems have successfully completed qualification testing of the Cisco ONS 15530 DWDM, ONS 15540 ESPx (Extended Services Platform), and ONS 15454 MSTP (Multi-Service Transport Platform). This Redpaper describes the applicable environments, protocols, and topologies qualified and supported by IBM eServer zSeries for connecting to the Cisco ONS 15530 DWDM and ONS 15540 ESPx products at hardware release level 5.0 and software at release level IOS 12.2 (25) SV. The ONS 15454 MSTP qualification will be described in a later version of this Redpaper.

IBM eServer zSeries GDPS Qualification and IBM TotalStorage Proven are complementary programs leveraging the strengths of IBM licensed technologies, intellectual property, and know-how, enhancing interoperability in a multivendor environment. The two programs continue to work together as new technologies and products become available. The Cisco ONS 15530 DWDM and ONS 15540 ESPx products are also IBM TotalStorage Proven.

The zSeries qualified WDM vendor products that support GDPS are:

Adva Fiber Service Platform 2000 (FSP 2000) DWDM system
Cisco ONS 15530 DWDM, ONS 15540 ESPx, and ONS 15454 MSTP
IBM 2029 Fiber Saver DWDM (withdrawn from marketing)
Lucent Technologies Metropolis Enhanced Optical Network (EON) System
Nortel Networks OPTera Metro 5000 Multiservice Platform series

In addition to the above WDM products, the IBM 9036 Model 003 extender is also available to extend Sysplex Timer (ETR and CLO) links from 3 km to 26 km. An IBM 9036-003 is available as a Request for Price Quotation (RPQ 8K1919).

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