Voice as a User Interface: Case Study and Lessons Learned

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 13 December 2004

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IBM Form #: REDP-3893-00

Authors: Juan R. Rodriguez, Phillip Dermody, Brian Hainey, Callum Jackson, Rajesh Kalyanaraman


This IBM Redpaper targets speech application developers and architects who want to design and develop voice portlet applications. It explores best practices and focuses on general guidance for building good voice-enable user interfaces using IBM WebSphere Studio, Portal Toolkit and the Voice Toolkit.

The Redpaper includes sample scenarios that describe the advanced functions that are available in voice portlet applications. These advanced functions include messaging for portlet-to-portlet communications, single signon (SSO) to access secure back-end applications, and Web service access.

In addition, this Redpaper offers useful information to help customize the voice aggregator in WebSphere Voice Application Access. It includes basic customization techniques as well as an advanced look at the architecture and possible modifications to suit your voice portlet applications.

Prior to reading this paper, you must have a basic knowledge of VoiceXML, related standards, voice portlet applications, and Java technologies.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Voice user interfaces and speech applications
Chapter 2. Voice application design
Chapter 3. Voice portlet messaging
Chapter 4. Accessing secure back-end applications
Chapter 5. Internationalization
Chapter 6. DTMF voice application support
Chapter 7. Accessing Web services
Chapter 8. Deploying the voice portal application
Chapter 9. Voice Aggregator customization
Appendix A. Additional material

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