IBM eServer BladeCenter JS20 Programming Environment

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This Redpaper gives a broad understanding of the programming environment of the IBM PowerPC 970 microprocessor that is implemented in the IBM eServer BladeCenter JS20. It also provides information on how to take advantage of the Vector Multimedia Extensions (VMX) execution unit found in the PowerPC 970 to increase the performance of applications in 3D graphics, modelling and simulation, digital signal processing, and others.

Table of contents

Part 1. Overview of the PowerPC 970 Microprocessor
Chapter 1. Introduction to the PowerPC 970 features
Chapter 2. VMX in the PowerPC 970
Part 2. VMX programming environment
Chapter 3. VMX programming basics
Chapter 4. Application development tools
Chapter 5. Vectorization examples
Chapter 6. A case study
Appendix A. Code listings
Appendix B. Porting from Apple OS X
Appendix C. Additional material


Publish Date
21 January 2005

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