Systems Management APIs for z/VM

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This IBM® Redpaper describes the z/VM® Systems Management Application Programming Interface (API), a programming interface to manage many aspects of a z/VM system. The interface is based on the Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call (ONC/RPC) protocol, a platform-independent and language-neutral protocol for remote procedure execution defined in RFC1831.

ONC/RPC offers programmers the freedom to choose many supported platforms and languages when developing system management applications for z/VM. Operation of the Systems Management API relies on a z/VM virtual machine (VSMSERVE by default) that listens for incoming RPC requests. Authorized requests are either processed by VSMSERVE, or passed to the z/VM directory management system.

The Systems Management API is TCP/IP-based and provides a rich set of functions to handle many aspects of z/VM management, such as:
Creating and deleting virtual machines
Defining guest storage
Changing permission classes and modifying passwords
Granting guest access to devices
Creating, modifying, and deleting z/VM virtual networks (VM guest LAN and VSWITCH)

Table of contents

System requirements
Configuring the Systems Management API
Systems Management API theory of operation
Using Remote Tea to generate Java source files
Basic Systems Management API structure
Establishing a Systems Management API connection
Using Systems Management API procedure calls
System Management API information for C programmers
Additonal material


Publish Date
13 July 2004

Last Update
15 July 2004

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