Adding Voice to your Portlet Applications

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This IBM Redpaper is intended for application developers who want to develop and test voice portlet applications and who have previously developed graphical-user-interface (GUI) portlet applications or VoiceXML applications. It shows how to develop a voice portlet using VoiceXML and the Portlet API. Furthermore, it introduces concepts associated with speech applications and the Portlet API. The Voice Toolkit V5.0 and WebSphere Studio Site Developer V5.1 are used to develop sample scenarios. VoiceXML and the Portlet API are described with the help of example GUI portlets that are transformed into speech-user-interface (SUI) portlets. Knowledge of Java, Servlet, JSP, MVC, and VoiceXML programming is recommended for developing voice portlet applications.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Voice and portlet toolkit environment
Chapter 3. VoiceXML fragments
Chapter 4. Using the Portlet API
Chapter 5. Sample scenarios
Chapter 6. Deploying and running voice portlet applications
Appendix A. Additional tools in the VoiceToolkit
Appendix B. Installing the Voice Toolkit without Internet connection
Appendix C. Additional material

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Publish Date
23 July 2004

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