Advanced LDAP User Authentication: Limiting Access to Linux Systems Using the Host Attribute

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Published 29 April 2004

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IBM Form #: REDP-3863-00

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Authors: Manfred Gnirss, Frank Kirschner


This IBM Redpaper provides information to help customers, Business Partners, and IBM technical people plan, implement, and manage a central security solution for user authentication with a method to limit user access to Linux systems based on information stored in a central LDAP directory.
In an environment with multiple Linux systems, keeping user information in a central LDAP directory is a proven technology to avoid having to store identical user information on each system. This simplifies user administration tasks since only one central directory has to be managed. In addition to storing personal user information, it is possible to limit user access to specific Linux systems by adding restriction information in user account definitions in the LDAP directory. This paper shows how to configure Linux systems to limit host access with a central LDAP directory.

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