WebSphere Web Services Information Roadmap

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The Web services technology has emerged as the most promising development to address cross-enterprise, cross-platform, and cross-vendor business integration issues. Web services is a family of emerging technologies that enable easy interoperability of programmed information technology (IT) services and integration of applications into a company’s broader business processes. The Web services technology enables companies to describe available services and provide access to those services over standard Web protocols and communications boundaries.

There has been a vast amount of information published about Web services. This IBM Redpaper will help you find your way through some of the more recent information published by IBM. It also covers some external material, such as technology standard Web sites.

Table of contents

General information
Concepts, technology, and specifications
Developing Web services
Working with the Web Services Gateway
Web services security
Building solutions using Web services

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Publish Date
21 April 2004

Last Update
24 August 2004

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