Lotus Domino for the IBM eServer pSeries Server Buying and Selling Guide

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Welcome to the Lotus Domino for IBM eServer pSeries Server Buying and Selling Guide. Why should you use this guide? Have you ever spent the day searching several different Web sites or numerous physical documents trying to locate answers to or information about similar, yet disparate topics related to Lotus Domino? Have you ever wanted to find the answers to many different questions with one search?

This guide offers you one resource that contains all the information you need to buy or sell Domino for IBM eServer pSeries servers. It offers valuable information about definitions, events, information sources, education, technical assistance, frequently asked questions, services, business partners, support information, references, and much more.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Getting started: Key questions to consider
Chapter 2. Domino software platform products for pSeries
Chapter 3. Domino and pSeries: Performance, monitoring, and requirements
Chapter 4. Product details
Chapter 5. Building Domino skills
Chapter 6. Independent software vendor assistance
Chapter 7. IBM services and support for Domino and pSeries
Chapter 8. Key information sources
Chapter 9. Sales support
Chapter 10. IBM Lotus Domino for AIX frequently asked questions


Publish Date
23 March 2004

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