How to use Web Analytics for Improving Web Applications

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In this IBM Redpaper, we first introduce Web analytics: the context, the main concepts, and the common characteristics of the available tools. Then we explain how to exploit these tools to improve various points in the development and the quality assurance of a Web application, namely client compatibility, user navigation, robustness, bandwidth sizing, development, load-test plans, maintenance, and fat-client extensions. Finally, we describe a few problems and give some insights for solutions.

This paper focuses on J2EE Web applications, because J2EE is the programming model implemented in IBM WebSphere Application Server. Yet, the methods presented can be applied to any Web application technology, such as ASP, PHP, or CGI.

Table of contents

Examining the reports
Error page configuration in IBM HTTP Server
What tool to use?


Publish Date
21 May 2006

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