High-Volume Benchmark with Genelco Group+ Proves Capacity of iSeries

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Published 18 December 2003, updated 18 December 2003

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IBM Form #: REDP-3800-00

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Authors: Rob Lamb, Jamie Barnes, Craig Calhoun, Mike Ebbers, Cindy Mestad


Genelco Software Solutions teamed up with the IBM eServer iSeries Benchmark Center in Rochester, Minnesota. Genelco wanted to document that the Genelco Group+ group health administration system could be scaled up to meet the needs of a Tier 1 large, high-volume group health insurer. A complicated and comprehensive scenario was created to emulate both the type of data to be moved, as well as the types of transactions and personnel that would be moving it.

Table of contents

The performance of the iSeries: A decade of proof
Features and benefits of iSeries
Not just another benchmark
Growing confidence
Total cost of ownership
Developing the best possible benchmark scenario
The environment
The benchmark
In conclusion
Additional information
Appendix A. List of benchmark assets
Appendix B. Benchmark data emulation process
Appendix C. Interactive run workload analysis
Appendix D. Batch cycle workload analysis

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