Open Your Windows with Samba on Linux

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The Windows NT software that has provided file sharing and print servers for your business will soon become an end-of-life product that is no longer supported through normal channels. Your business demands a supported infrastructure, thus a migration to a new network operating system is inevitable.

Samba-3 is the latest software that provides file and print services for Microsoft Windows clients. These services can be hosted from any TCP/IP-enabled platform. The Samba project includes not only an impressive feature set in file and print serving capabilities, but also has been extended to include client functionality, utilities to ease the migration to Samba, tools to aid interoperability with Microsoft Windows, and administration tools.

Now is your opportunity to set a new course of openness and choice for your IT infrastructure, while reducing the cost of client licenses. Embrace the benefits of open source software by choosing Samba on Linux to replace your end-of-life Windows NT environments.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Samba file services
Chapter 3. Samba print services
Chapter 4. User authentication

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Publish Date
11 December 2003

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