Linux: Why It Should Replace Your Windows NT Domains

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Published 11 December 2003

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Authors: Stephen Hochstetler, Omkhar Arasaratnam, Rodrigo Castello Branco


Do you realize that you have a choice other than migrating to Windows Server 2003?

Microsoft announced the end of support for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 for December 31, 2003. Your company is now facing the migration from Windows NT to a new platform. Do you realize you have a choice other than migrating to Windows Server 2003? Have you budgeted additional, larger hardware servers to go along with your migration? The operating system that you will be migrating to will affect the size of the hardware to which you migrate.

You have a window of opportunity to make an important business decision at this time. The decision is the server software platform with which you will be replacing Windows NT. If you have looked at a migration plan from Windows NT to Windows 2003, you will see many steps that probably include upgrading hardware and also adding new components such as Active Directory. This paper proposes an alternative path for your business by choosing Linux to replace your Windows NT domain.

This paper also includes links to publicly available migration documents used by government agencies to analyze the costs of the migration choices and determine the total cost of ownership, providing them with a short-term and long-term analysis on which to base their business decision of choosing to migrate to Linux.

Table of contents

Migrating to Linux
The business decision
The beginnings of Linux
Choose your level of migration
Improve your system's security
Lowering total cost of ownership
Benefits of open source software

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