Migrate Exchange 5.5 to Domino on Linux

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This IBM Redpaper gives an executive overview of why you would want to migrate from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 6.

It begins with a discussion of the reasons an organization using Exchange 5.5 would want to move to Domino 6, and describes the benefits that can be gained. While Domino 6 could run on various operating systems including Microsoft Windows, reasons for migrating to Linux are also included in this publication.

It lays out the different options that the organization has for a future messaging infrastructure, and discusses the pros and cons of each alternative. It is particularly suited to business and IT managers.

For more detailed migration steps and a deeper migration discussion, read the additional IBM Redbooks and Redpapers listed in the bibliography.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Migrating your out-of-support Exchange environment
Chapter 2 Domino and Linux benefits
Chapter 3 Understanding the migration


Publish Date
11 December 2003

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