Independent ASP Performance Study on the IBM eServer iSeries Server

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Independent ASPs were announced and made available in V5R1. The initial introduction of IASPs was limited to IFS objects. As such, iSeries customers started using this concept for Domino, Web serving applications, and Integrated xSeries Adapters servers. In V5R2 some major enhancements were made to the support of IASP. Now they support traditional library and object structure in the QSYS.LIB file system used by the majority of iSeries applications. For this reason many customers have been asking what the performance considerations are when you move your application to IASPs.

The aim of this Redpaper is to provide you with an understanding of the performance implications when you decide to move your applications to Independent ASP. This redpaper should be read in conjunction with the existing IBM Redbooks publication IBM eServer iSeries Independent ASPs A Guide to Moving Applications to IASPs, SG24-6802. It is the purpose of this redpaper to complement the existing book using real customer scenarios to illustrate some performance considerations.

Table of contents

Part 1. Background
Chapter 1. Introduction to Independent ASP
Chapter 2. Testing environments
Part 2. Performance findings
Chapter 3. SAP - Customer scenario
Chapter 4. SYSBAS vs IASP configurations
Chapter 5. User profile considerations
Part 3. Conclusions and recommendations
Chapter 6. Conclusions and recommendations
Appendix A. Supported and unsupported objects in IASPs

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Publish Date
19 April 2004

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