Using Web-D for Software Distribution

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Published 21 October 2003

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IBM Form #: REDP-3764-00

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Authors: Byron Braswell, Dudley Miller


Many of the software delivery products in the marketplace are not Web based or “Web enabled,” or they provide minimal functionality with a high degree of cost and complexity. Web-based software delivery solutions do exist, but generally do not incorporate all the necessary requirements, or they are too expensive to implement just for distributing software. The Web-D process provides for the electronic delivery of software components to the desktop of machines distributed throughout a corporate enterprise using Web-based tools and technology, while keeping cost and complexity low.

Web-D is a Java-based, Web-enabled software distribution solution that complements and leverages the customer’s investment in PC technologies. Wed-D is simple to manage and easily integrates into an existing customer network infrastructure. It is customizable and is very cost effective, both at the time of implementation and over the long term.

Table of contents

Features and benefits
Web-D prerequisites
Web-D components
Installation considerations
Installing and configuring a Web-D Version 2.0 server
Using Web-D

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