Using Asset Depot for Inventory Management

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Published 17 October 2003

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IBM Form #: REDP-3763-00

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Authors: Byron Braswell, Michael Schmid

Contributing companies: Cyberlynxx


Inventory collection and inventory management are a few of the basic disciplines for lowering PC lifecycle costs. Asset Depot is a small and flexible inventory management tool that complements and leverages the customer’s investment in IBM PC technologies. It gathers inventory information from a system and sends this information to the Asset Depot database, where it is stored. The information in the database can be accessed via a Web browser.
Asset Depot is designed for customers who do not require a large client application that will consume a lot of resources to gather asset information.We describe the purpose of Asset Depot and explain the details of Asset Depot server installation. We discuss how to use Asset Depot to your best advantage, and provide usage scenarios and best practices. We also cover customization, advanced usage, and troubleshooting.
This Redpaper is part of a set of IBM Redbooks and Redpaper which describe how to create, deploy, maintain, and recover client systems.
The other books and papers are:
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Table of contents

Ch. 1 Asset Depot
App. A Database JDBC connection parameters for Asset Depot
App. B Example output file from eGatherer

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