A Deeper Look into IBM Directory Integrator

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This IBM Redpaper is a simple introduction to a simple system. Make no mistake, the word simple is used here in its most positive and powerful context, because the best way to wrap your mind around a complex problem is to simplify it: to break it down into more manageable pieces and then master those constituent parts. Divide and conquer. This is a technique that we instinctively use to solve every day problems, and which is equally relevant for engineering information exchange across an office, an enterprise, or the globe.

IBM Directory Integrator is designed and built on the premise that integration problems can be broken down into three basic components:
- The systems involved in the communication
- The data flows between these systems
- The events that trigger the flows

With IBM Directory Integrator, you turn this atomic understanding of the integration problem directly into the solution. You build your solution incrementally, one flow at a time, with continuous feedback and verification.

This document gives you an introduction to this approach, as well as information about how to tap into the radical and elegant simplicity of IBM Directory Integrator.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Simplify and solve
Chapter 2. Introducing IBM Directory Integrator


Publish Date
12 August 2003

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