Distributing Notes Clients Automatically

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This IBM Redpaper describes how to distribute Notes clients automatically. The paper is not a complete guide on Notes client deployment, rather it is a collection of information about some of the different technologies that can be used for deploying Notes clients automatically. The basic idea behind automated software distribution is to make installing multiple clients more efficient.

We begin by explaining how to use InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes to create customized Notes installation packages. We guide the reader through the process of customizing an installation of Lotus Notes using that technology.

We then describe how to use Automated Deployment Toolkit (ADT), which is an automated, managed system for deploying, upgrading, or migrating an existing messaging system to Notes R5 and Notes 6.

The final chapter describes how to use Active Directory for deploying Notes clients.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Customizing client installations with transform files
Chapter 2. Using Automated Deployment Toolkit for Notes clients
Chapter 3. Deploying the Notes client with Active Directory


Publish Date
17 July 2003

Last Update
04 August 2003

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