Linux on IBM eServer zSeries and S/390: z/VM Configuration for WebSphere Deployments

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In this Redpaper, we introduce a method to determine an efficient infrastructure for WebSphere deployment on Linux for zSeries. The infrastructure consists of LPARs running multiple Linux guests under VM. Each Linux guest runs WebSphere, which in turn runs Web applications. In this paper, we describe steps to configure z/VM Linux guests intended to run WebSphere applications. Specifically, we outline a method to calculate the memory required to deploy WebSphere applications, and describe how that memory should be allocated to the LPAR, z/VM, and Linux guests.
Note: This methodology was developed from customer experiences and our own testing.It should work for most customers, but we cannot guarantee that every application fits this model.

Table of contents

How to use this Redpaper
Deployment overview
Steps to deploy the WebSphere applications


Publish Date
11 June 2003

Last Update
12 September 2003

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