Data Resilience Solutions for IBM i5/OS High Availability Clusters

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Published 09 February 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-0888-00
(52 pages)

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Authors: Finnes Steve, Bob Gintowt, Mike Snyder


Choosing the correct set of data resilience technologies in the context of your overall business continuity strategy can be complex and difficult. It is a given that business continuity is an extremely broad topic. This IBM Redpaper provides insight into this broad topic and describes the technologies that support improved data resilience for end users. It explains the capabilities, advantages, and limitations of the various technologies. Plus it provides information and techniques that you can use to select the best set of technologies available on IBM eServer i5, to use in conjunction with the IBM i5/OS high availability clusters, to satisfy your specific business continuity goals.

This IBM Redpaper is organized so that you can study the content from cover-to-cover (recommended) or use specific sections for reference as needed. It begins with a discussion about the business continuity requirements. This information helps you to determine and prioritize your business requirements in the context of the specific problem sets of interest to you.

Next this IBM Redpaper presents an overview of the technologies that are related to business continuity. This helps you to understand the technology categories and choices within each category that are available to address the problem sets. Then, the paper explains how the technologies apply to the business continuity requirements and compare with one another. A detailed analysis helps position the various technologies against your business requirements. Finally, some conclusions are drawn about the technologies, that map solutions to the characteristics of end-user environments.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What is business continuity
Chapter 2. Major business continuity problem sets
Chapter 3. Overview of business continuity technologies
Chapter 4. Applicability of a solution to a problem set
Chapter 5. Detailed attributes of data resilience technologies
Chapter 6. Comparison characteristics
Chapter 7. General guidelines
Appendix A. Decision factors
Appendix B. Cautions, caveats, and other tips

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