Automotive Solutions: Technology that Matters

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Published 10 May 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-0700-00
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Authors: Lynn Behnke


The automotive industry is rapidly moving ahead and is undergoing massive change. Markets are shifting, reflecting ongoing globalization and the emergence of new demographics. The industry ecosystem is changing as partners and channels demand more participation in return for added value. Technology is accelerating, sparked by rapid adoption of the Internet, pervasive computing, and in-vehicle software and electronics.

Automotive companies are responding by refining business models. They are implementing information technology (IT) to optimize business solutions, rather than adapting solutions to fit IT. They are also maximizing the value of solutions by deploying them on an infrastructure that employs advanced technologies such as deep computing, resource virtualization, grid computing, and Power Architecture technology.

This IBM Redpaper describes the potential role of IT in helping automotive companies respond to current trends in the industry. It also describes automotive solutions from IBM. Plus it illustrates how companies are using IBM technologies to derive differentiating value from automotive solutions. This paper describes the IBM products and technologies that are relevant to meeting the requirements of the automotive industry.

This Redpaper is intended for IT managers, IBM teams, and others who are responsible for evaluating automotive solutions and infrastructure.

Table of contents

Executive summary
Chapter 1. Automotive industry landscape
Chapter 2. IBM technology adding value to automotive solutions
Chapter 3. Technology enablers for automotive solutions

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