Migrating WebLogic Applications to WebSphere V5

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This Redpaper is a preliminary discussion of some of the issues we expect that developers will encounter when migrating Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition applications from BEA WebLogic Server to WebSphere Application Server V5.

The Redpaper builds on the work done in the IBM Redbooks publication Migrating WebLogic Applications to WebSphere Advanced Edition V4, SG24-6179. We expect our readers to be familiar with the contents of this book.

When we wrote this Redpaper we were using a beta version of WebSphere Application Server V5, so we have tried to identify only the major differences between WebLogic and WebSphere, and to identify the areas that will have the highest likelihood of providing migration challenges.

Our aim is to provide practical guidance to developers who have to deploy existing WebLogic applications on WebSphere and to discuss how to design and develop J2EE applications that will be portable and adaptable.

Table of contents

Chapter1: Introduction
Chapter 2: J2EE standards and product features
Chapter 3: Migration tools
Chapter 4: Migration issues
Chapter 5: Migration examples


Publish Date
19 January 2003

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