LPAR Heterogeneous Workloads on the IBM eServer pSeries 690 System

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IBM eServer Performance Technical Report

This paper describes a server consolidation experience of combining a variety of significant workloads onto a single large IBM eServer pSeries 690 (p690) system in multiple independent logical partitions (LPARs) running differing levels of AIX 5.1 and Linux for Power. The LPAR capability of the p690 system provides tremendous flexibility in tailoring each LPAR’s configuration to meet the needs of the workload running in the separate LPARs.

The paper describes some of the considerations and experiences setting up and managing the LPARs, and the subsequent summary comparisons of each workload running by itself on the system against those workloads executing on a fully loaded system. The experience of the server consolidation testing demonstrated that the LPARs had little affect on each other, allowing production systems to run side by side with LPARs running test scenarios. WebSphere Application Server, DB2 , HTTP web servers, and an Oracle database were run across the fully configured p690 system.

Table of contents

Server Consolidation
Project Summary
Planning Considerations
Managing Logical Partition Considerations
Test Environment
Setting Up the Web Server and Clients
Setting Up the Trade 2 WebSphere Benchmark
Trade 2 Test Procedure
Setting Up the Oracle 8.1.7 OLTP Test
Project Results Running Full System Load

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Publish Date
24 April 2002

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