Implementing UPS Configurations with Microsoft Cluster Server

An IBM Redpaper publication


This redpaper was written as collaboration of people from APC, CSG and IBM. The intention was to find a solution for implementing UPS in a Microsoft Cluster Environment. To our knowledge this is the first document which covers this topic.

The intention in writing this redpaper is to develop a solution for using APC UPSs in a two node Microsoft Cluster Server environment. We will discuss the problems that we faced during the development of the solutions.

We introduce the APC hardware equipment we used for the implementation. Two solutions are presented: using either one UPS or two UPSs. In the last chapter we describe the result of our efforts -- the command file UPS.CMD.

Sample code used in the paper is available from

Table of contents

Chapter 1. The problem
Chapter 2. APC hardware and software background
Chapter 3. UPS configurations for cluster
Chapter 4. The command file UPS.CMD
Appendix A. Downloading the additional material
Appendix B. UPS.CMD
Appendix C. DELAY3.EXE source


Publish Date
26 March 2001

Last Update
28 March 2001

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