WebSphere Portal 4.12 Collaboration Services

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Published 10 December 2002

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IBM Form #: REDP-0319-00

Authors: William Tworek, Vince Fertig, Daniel de la Fuente Martinez, Margaret O'Connell, Michael Renner


The WebSphere Portal Family consists of three packaged offerings: the Portal Enable offering is the base offering; Portal Extend and Portal Experience add more functionality. WebSphere Portal Extend allows your portal users to act on information and applications via collaboration with other portal users.

This Redpaper discusses the collaborative capabilities included in the WebSphere Portal Extend v4.12 offering. It covers an introduction to the WebSphere Portal Family and the concept of Collaborative Portlets; installation and deployment-oriented topics for getting a Collaborative Portal Extend environment up and running; details about the Collaborative Portlets available out-of-the-box with Portal Extend; and best practices for the use of the Collaborative Components API available with Portal Extend, including several sample Collaborative Portlets that leverage this API.

This Redpaper is primarily intended for technologists involved with collaborative WebSphere Portal projects. However, the introductory content in each chapter may be useful to managers who are responsible for such projects.

Table of contents

Ch 1- Introduction to WebSphere Portal
Ch 2 - Installation, configuration, and deployment planning
Ch 3 - Collaborative portlets
Ch 4 - Collaborative Components
Appendix A - Collaborative Components Classes/Methods
Appendix B - Collaborative Components Tag Libraries

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