Getting Started with zSeries Fibre Channel Protocol

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Published 13 June 2002, updated 04 February 2003

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IBM Form #: REDP-0205-00

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Authors: Bill Ogden, Bill White


The purpose of this IBM Redpaper is two-fold: to provide information to help you understand the
concepts of zSeries Fibre Channel Protocol support, and to show you how various
SCSI devices can be configured to build a zSeries FCP environment.
This document provides an overview of Fibre Channel (FC) topologies and terminology,
a list of the hardware and software prerequisites, and a description of our configuration, with
examples of the Linux definitions that we used when writing this paper.
This Redpaper is intended for Linux administrators, system programmers, hardware planners,
and system engineers who will plan and install zSeries Fiber Channel Protocol support.

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