Dimensional Insight Business Intelligence Tool for Linux on zSeries

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Published 25 January 2002

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IBM Form #: REDP-0171-00

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Authors: Viviane Anavi-Chaput, Jay Huie, Mike Tebolt


This Redpaper provides an overview of the capabilities of the Dimensional Insight BI tool using Linux on zSeries. The objectives of the paper are two fold:
- Demonstrate that a BI solution developed for Linux on the Intel platform could be ported to Linux on zSeries.
- Examine how effectively the DI tool would run on a Linux guest under z/VM with an average workload.
The following topics are discussed in this Redpaper:
- DI products overview
- DI-Atlantis
- DI-Integrator
- DI-Builder
- DI-ProDiver
- DI-WebDiver
- DI-ReportDiver
- DI-DiveLine
- DI test scenario
- Workload setup
- Workload performance

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