FICON CTC Implementation

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Published 10 January 2002, updated 11 January 2002

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IBM Form #: REDP-0158-00

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Authors: Bill White, Marg Beal, Ken Trowell


This Redpaper provides an overview of the features and benefits of FICON CTC, and the information necessary to implement the CTC function with FICON channels. Using the information in this Redpaper, a configuration planner and/or systems programmer can design and define a high availability CTC configuration in a FICON environment. Migration from ESCON CTCs to FICON CTCs is described, along with information on operations and performance of FICON CTC.
The following topics are discussed in this Redpaper:
Review of CTC support
ESCON CTC review
Overview and benefits of FICON CTC
FCTC topology options
FCTC hardware and software support
Recommendations for FCTC device numbering scheme
FCTC configuration and definition examples
FICON CTC control unit function balancing
Migration considerations
FCTC operations and recovery - configuring for high availability recommendations
FCTC functional characteristics and performance

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