Notes and Domino Connectivity - A Collection of Examples

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Published 01 March 2001

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IBM Form #: REDP-0115-00

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Authors: Constantin Florea


In Lotus Domino R5.0x it is possible to maximize the power of Domino applications by using a range of features to get connected with Relational Databases (for example, Oracle or DB/2). In respect of this, there are essentially two ways in which users can connect a Domino application to an external data source (RDBM's, file system, etc.):

- LotusScript Extension for Lotus Domino Connectors (LSX LC)
- LotusScript Data Objects (LS:DO)

The purpose of this redpaper is to demonstrate the use of these two techniques in accessing a DB/2 database and to give you a collection of samples encompassing the most important features. It was not my intent to present exhaustively all features of LSX LC and LS:DO - there are many good books available with detail information on the subject. My purpose was to create a practical sample booklet which you could use as a reference when writing code.

Table of contents

1. Lotus Notes Domino Connectivity to Enterprise Data and Applications - intro
2. LotusScript Extension for Lotus Domino Connectors (LSX LC) - 21 examples
3. LotusScript Data Object (LS:DO) - 14 examples

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