Domino Certification Authority and SSL Certificates

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Published 04 November 2000

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IBM Form #: REDP-0046-00
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Authors: Mike Bartlett, Soren Peter Nielsen


To test certificate based authentication it is necessary to create keyrings to hold certificates for HTTP servers and for the browsers used to access the servers. This is most conveniently done by creating a certification authority to create and administer the necessary SSL certificates.

This redpaper describes in detail how to setup Domino R5.0.4 as a Certification Authority (CA). We describe how to create and configure the Domino CA database, how to create a server keyring and how merge and install certificates into the keyring. Next, we describe how to issue client certificates from our newly created CA. This involves all the steps in accepting our CA as trusted root in the browser, requesting a certificate, approving the request, accepting the issued certificate into the browser keyring and finally requesting registration of the client certificate.

We assume some knowledge of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), x509 certificates and Domino administration.

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