Value of S/390 for e-business

An IBM Redpaper publication


This redpaper provides critical information to Consultants, Managers, IBM
Specialists and, in general, IT people involved in planning a network computing
infrastructure, with particular emphasis on e-business.

This redpaper reviews the many S/390 characteristics that make it the choice
e-business platform, and provides detailed implementation models, scenarios
and real life examples.

Part 1 introduces the theme of becoming an e-business. It can be used as a
primer by people new to the subject and as a refresh by others.

Part 2 Contains three chapters and is intended as a practical guide to e-business
on S/390.

Table of contents

Chapter 1, "About e-business" presents the basic concepts of e-business
and an overview of how to become an e-business and its benefits.

Chapter 2, "IBM....s Initiatives and Offerings" Describes IBMs proposals and
offerings in this area.

Chapter 3, "S/390 and e-business Application Requirements" presents in a
compact form the reasons why S/390 is the best platform for e-business
applications. These arguments are then expanded in Part 2.

Chapter 4, "S/390 Classic Strengths" thoroughly reviews the many S/390
characteristics that make it the premier e-business application server

Chapter 5, "e-business Scenarios" presents the common elements of
e-business application implementations and describes major e-business
solution scenarios.

Chapter 6, "Case Studies" presents, grouped by Industry area, several
cases of actual e-business implementations.


Publish Date
31 July 2000

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