Value of S/390 for e-business

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 31 July 2000

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IBM Form #: REDP-0041-00

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Authors: Michel Plouin, Per Fremstad, Krishnan Jayaraman, Fernando Nogal, Paul De Graaff, Lauren Kingman III, Alison Pate, Ken Trowell


This redpaper provides critical information to Consultants, Managers, IBM
Specialists and, in general, IT people involved in planning a network computing
infrastructure, with particular emphasis on e-business.

This redpaper reviews the many S/390 characteristics that make it the choice
e-business platform, and provides detailed implementation models, scenarios
and real life examples.

Part 1 introduces the theme of becoming an e-business. It can be used as a
primer by people new to the subject and as a refresh by others.

Part 2 Contains three chapters and is intended as a practical guide to e-business
on S/390.

Table of contents

Chapter 1, "About e-business" presents the basic concepts of e-business
and an overview of how to become an e-business and its benefits.

Chapter 2, "IBM....s Initiatives and Offerings" Describes IBMs proposals and
offerings in this area.

Chapter 3, "S/390 and e-business Application Requirements" presents in a
compact form the reasons why S/390 is the best platform for e-business
applications. These arguments are then expanded in Part 2.

Chapter 4, "S/390 Classic Strengths" thoroughly reviews the many S/390
characteristics that make it the premier e-business application server

Chapter 5, "e-business Scenarios" presents the common elements of
e-business application implementations and describes major e-business
solution scenarios.

Chapter 6, "Case Studies" presents, grouped by Industry area, several
cases of actual e-business implementations.

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