Setting Up and Implementing ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager/400

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This document describes ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM)
from an AS/400 perspective. It deals with implementing the ADSM/400
server functions, and addresses installing and setting up the five
common client environments for the AS/400: OS/2, DOS, Microsoft
Windows, AIX, and Novell NetWare.

If you have more than 10 client workstations, such as PCs or PS/2s,
attached to your AS/400 and backup and recovery of files on these
workstations is becoming a nightmare, then ADSM/400 may be the product
you need. This publication will give you an overview of the things you
need to consider in using this important product for the AS/400 including
planning, performance, comparison with popular alternatives such as PC
Support shared folders, and also discusses interoperability with Backup
Recovery and Media Services/400 (5763-BR1).

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview 1.1
Chapter 2. Setting Up and Using the ADSM/400 Server 1.2
Chapter 3. Using Tape as a Storage Medium on the ADSM Server 1.3
Chapter 4. Other Server Topics 1.4
Chapter 5. ADSM/400 Performance Considerations 1.5
Chapter 6. Comparison of ADSM/400 and Other Methods of Client/Server Save and Restore 1.6
Chapter 7. Common Client Topics 2.1
Chapter 8. Setting Up and Using the OS/2 Client 2.2
Chapter 9. Setting Up and Using the DOS Client 2.3
Chapter 10. Setting Up and Using the Windows Client 2.4
Chapter 11. Setting Up and Using the AIX Client 2.5
Chapter 12. Setting Up and Using the NetWare Client 2.6
Appendix A. Server Options File - QAOPTADSM A.0
Appendix B. OS/2 Client DSM.SMP File B.0
Appendix C. Windows Client DSM.OPT File C.0
Appendix D. Program to End ADSM Server and Wait for Completion D.0
Appendix E. DOS/Windows Quick-start Recovery Diskette E.0

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03 April 1995

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