PC DOS 7 Technical Update

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IBM PC DOS 7 has been designed for all types of users who need
an efficient single tasking personal computer operating system. It
incorporates many new utilities such as anti-virus software,
comprehensive backup programs, PCMCIA support and DOS Pen extensions.
Also incorporated are new features to enhance the available memory and
disk space.

This book is a technical reference, upgraded from IBM DOS 5.02 and
written for DOS programmers, who develop applications for IBM Personal
Computers or compatible systems.

The program developer should be competent on the IBM Personal
Computer and/or the Personal System/2 and should be familiar with DOS
and at least one personal computer programming language.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. Accessing Disks 2.0
Chapter 3. Accessing Files with File Handles 3.0
Chapter 4. Accessing Files Using File Control Blocks 4.0
Chapter 5. Managing Device I/O 5.0
Chapter 6. Controlling Processes 6.0
Chapter 7. Debugging a Program 7.0
Chapter 8. Writing an Installable Device Driver 8.0
Appendix A. PC DOS 7 Interrupts A.0
Appendix B. PC DOS 7 Function Calls B.0
Appendix C. I/O Control for Devices (IOCtl) C.0
Appendix D. Expanded Memory Support D.0
Appendix E. DOS Protected Mode Services E.0
Appendix F. Task-swapping F.0
Appendix G. PC DOS 7 Viewer G.0
Appendix H. Miscellaneous Control Blocks H.0


Publish Date
09 February 1995

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