Software Change Management Using NetView DM/MVS with SPMF R2 and MSS/400

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This document describes the functionality that the new releases of
NetView Distribution Manager/MVS and Software Profile Management
Facility will provide.

The installation and customization of SystemView Managed System
Services/400 is described with some scenarios covering software
distribution using SystemView Managed System Services/400 with NetView

For large NetView DM installations this document includes a
description of a multiple TCP environment that can help address some
operational aspects of trying to manage large distribution networks.
A scenario is also shown using NetView DM/MVS and SPMF R2.

This document is written for technical personnel. New users for the
SystemView SystemView Managed System Services/400, experienced users
in NetView DM who who need to know how to set up a NetView DM with
Multiple TCPs (Transmission Control Programs), and users who want to
read about the enhancements of the new releases of NetView DM/MVS and

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. New Functions in NVDM/MVS Release 5 and SPMF Release 2 2.0
Chapter 3. Software Distribution for NVDM/2 Using SPMF 3.0
Chapter 4. SystemView Managed System Services/400 4.0
Chapter 5. NetView Distribution Manager/MVS with Managed System Services/400 5.0
Chapter 6. NVDM/MVS: Multiple TCP Environments 6.0
Appendix A. VTAM Major Node Definitions A.0
Appendix B. Sample NetView DM Stage 1 Jobs B.0


Publish Date
01 January 1995

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