AnyNet: SNA over TCP/IP Installation and Interoperability

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This document describes the new implementations of the Multiprotocol
Transport Networking (MPTN) architecture on the MVS, OS/2 and and
AS/400 platforms. It includes SNA over TCP/IP (MVS/ESA and OS/2) and
AnyNet/400 APPC over TCP/IP. They are shipped with the AnyNet/MVS
feature of VTAM Version 4 Release 2 for MVS/ESA and as AnyNet/2 OS/2
program products except AnyNet/400 APPC over TCP/IP. AnyNet/400 APPC
over TCP/IP is shipped with OS/400 Version 3 Release 1.

This document provides working configurations, definitions and test
results. It guides the readers in the planning, methodology,
installation and implementation of their first MPTN network.

It is intended for systems engineers, network managers, application
designers and technical support personnel who are interested in the
implementations of the IBM MPTN architecture.

A basic working knowledge of SNA, TCP/IP and MPTN is assumed.
However, this document also provides a brief introduction to these

Table of contents

Chapter 1. A Short Introduction to SNA Networking 1.0
Chapter 2. A Short Introduction to TCP/IP 2.0
Chapter 3. Multiprotocol Transport Networking (MPTN) Architecture 3.0
Chapter 4. AnyNet Product Family 4.0
Chapter 5. SNA over TCP/IP Implementation 5.0
Chapter 6. Running on MVS/ESA 6.0
Chapter 7. AnyNet/2 SNA over TCP/IP 7.0
Chapter 8. AnyNet/400 APPC over TCP/IP 8.0
Chapter 9. SNA over TCP/IP Working Scenarios 9.0
Chapter 10. Scenario 1 - MVS Access Node to MVS Access Node 10.0
Chapter 11. Scenario 2 - MPTN Gateway and MVS Access Node 11.0
Chapter 12. Scenario 3 - Chained MPTN Gateways 12.0
Chapter 13. Scenario 4 - MVS Access Node to OS/2 Access Node 13.0
Chapter 14. Scenario 5 - VTAM MPTN Gateway and OS/2 Access Node 14.0
Chapter 15. Scenario 6 - OS/2 Access Node to OS/2 Access Node 15.0
Chapter 16. Scenario 7 - Dependent LU Support 16.0
Chapter 17. Scenario 8 - AnyNet/400 APPC over TCP/IP 17.0
Chapter 18. Conclusions 18.0
Appendix A. System Definitions - MVS A.0
Appendix B. System Definitions - OS/2 B.0

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05 April 1995

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