IBM AS/400 Printing IV

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This document describes the new printing functions available in Version
3.0 Release 1.0 for the AS/400. It provides explanations of how you might
want to use the new functions with diagrams, programming samples and
working examples.

This document is intended for customers, business partners and IBM systems
specialists who need to understand the fundamentals of printing on the
AS/400 to help them develop or advise others concerning the design and
development of AS/400 printing applications.

This document is not intended to replace the existing AS/400 printing
publications, but rather to expand on the new functions of printing in
Version 3.0 Release 1.0.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. ASCII LAN-Attached Printers 1.0
Chapter 2. Remote System Printing 2.0
Chapter 3. Printer Load Balancing 3.0
Chapter 4. Version 3.0 Release 1.0 Printer File and DDS Enhancements 4.0
Chapter 5. AS/400 Printing Enhancements 5.0
Chapter 6. Advanced Host Print Transform Customization 6.0
Chapter 7. Print Services Facility/400 (PSF/400) 7.0
Chapter 8. AS/400 Advanced Function Printers 8.0
Chapter 9. Double Byte Character Set Printing 9.0
Chapter 10. LANRES/400 Printing 10.0
Appendix A. Advanced Function Printer Utilities/400 Enhancements in V3R1 A.0
Appendix B. Enhancements to the AFP to ASCII Transform B.0
Appendix C. Using the AFP Viewer with AS/400 AFPDS Spooled Files C.0
Appendix D. PrintManager/400 and the PM400 Tool D.0

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Publish Date
30 January 1995

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