AS/400 Communication Definition Examples III

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This document contains a number of communication scenarios all
involving the AS/400 system in one way or another. It is intended
to give the communication system specialist some real-world examples
of configuration as a basis for setting up links between the AS/400
and many other systems.

Connectivity to S/390, other AS/400s, remote work stations like the
3174 and 5x94, PS/2s, RS/6000s, and OEM systems like DEC MicroVAX,
HP 9000-720; via protocols like SDLC, X.25, ISDN, TRLAN, X.21,
SNA/APPN, and TCP/IP, all make for a wide range of connectivity
solutions at your finger tips.

By using these sample scenarios which are complete with
configuration details you can set up connections with your AS/400
very quickly. After establishing a connection using these definitions,
you can customize your network to meet your particular needs. This can
save both time and money.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM Technical Support (TS) Network 1.1
Chapter 2. SNA/LEN with AS/400, Different NetID 2.1
Chapter 3. AS/400 SNPT: OS/2 and AS/400 via AS/400 to MVS 2.2
Chapter 4. AS/400 SNA Primary LU Support (SPLS) 2.3
Chapter 5. AS/400 Network Routing Facility (NRF) Support 2.4
Chapter 6. NetView File Transfer Program for OS/400 2.5
Chapter 7. AS/400 SNA/APPN SOC via SNA/Subarea Network 2.6
Chapter 8. AS/400 MVS Bridge (NJE), Job and Spool File 2.7
Chapter 9. OfficeVision/VM Bridge 2.8
Chapter 10. VM/MVS Bridge Monitor Program 2.9
Chapter 11. Submit Network Job via SNADS 3.1
Chapter 12. IBM 5394 via SNA/X.25 SVC, Called by AS/400 4.1
Chapter 13. IBM 5394 via SNA/X.25 SVC, AS/400 with Double X.25 Access 4.2
Chapter 14. IBM 5394 Configuration Quick-Reference 4.3
Chapter 15. IBM 5394 as Node T2.1 via SNA Subarea Network 4.4
Chapter 16. IBM 5494 V.24 via SNA/SDLC Leased to AS/400 4.5
Chapter 17. IBM 5494 V.35 via SNA/SDLC Leased to AS/400 4.6
Chapter 18. IBM 5494 via SNA/TRLAN to AS/400 4.7
Chapter 19. IBM 5494 via SNA/X.25 SVC to AS/400 4.8
Chapter 20. IBM 5494 via SNA/X.25 PVC to AS/400 4.9
Chapter 21. IBM 5494 via SNA/X.25 SVC, Called by AS/400 4.10
Chapter 22. IBM 5494 as Node T2.1 via SNA Subarea Network 4.11
Chapter 23. IBM 5494 as Node T2.1 via TRLAN to SNA Subarea Network 4.12
Chapter 24. IBM 3174 via IBM 7820 and Swissnet to AS/400 4.13
Chapter 25. TCP/IP 5.1
Chapter 26. AS/400 User-Defined Communications (UDC) on X.25 6.1
Chapter 27. CPI-C 6.2
Part 7. Appendix 7.0
Appendix A. AS/400 Communications Bibliography A.0

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19 December 1994

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