CM/2 - SNA Phone Connect

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This document describes the new SNA Phone Connect feature of IBM
Communications Manager/2 Version 1.11. It is meant as a guide and
tutorial to this new feature.

This document is intended for persons who already have some
familiarity with previous releases of Communications Manager and
who wish to quickly get familiar with this new feature of
version 1.11.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. SNA Phone Connect Overview 1.0
Chapter 2. CM/2 SNA Phone Connect Configuration 2.0
Chapter 3. SNA Phone Connect Configuration Files 3.0
Chapter 4. Configuration Example - Synchronous to a 3745 Using an MPA Adapter 4.0
Chapter 5. Configuration Example - Synchronous to a 3745 Using a WAC Adapter 5.0
Chapter 6. Configuration Example - Asynchronous to an AS/400 6.0
Chapter 7. Configuration Example - APPC from PS/2 to PS/2 over an Asynchronous Connection 7.0
Chapter 8. Configuration Example - SNA over Asynchronous to a CM/2 Gateway/Network Node 8.0
Chapter 9. Configuration Example - ThinkPad with a PCMCIA Autosync Modem to a 3745 9.0
Chapter 10. Communications Terminology and Tutorial 10.0
Chapter 11. The AT Command Set 11.0
Chapter 12. Communications Manager/2 SNA Phone Connect Environment 12.0
Chapter 13. Problem Determination for SNA Phone Connect 13.0
Appendix A. Hints and Tips and Restrictions A.0
Appendix B. Communications Manager/2 Reference Summary B.0


Publish Date
05 April 1995

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